Powerful pictures or images will add impact to your presentation. But rather than have small images stuck in the corner of your slide why not use a big image as the background.

Look at an example of this. The slide below has a picture tucked away in a corner.


By making the picture the background for the slide you can use less words and have more impact.


Where to get images

If you or a friend is a keen photographer you may already have some. Look through your photograph collection and put potential images in a file called Photos. If you work in an organisation they may have a library of images you can use.

There are several websites that sell images for example:

Copyright issues
It’s very easy to copy and paste a great image from the internet. There are millions of pictures out there. However a word of caution. Just because they are freely available on the internet does not mean they are free. Some companies (image providers) now have automated programs that crawl the internet matching images with their library. And if they find one on your website you may get a lawyer’s letter asking for an extortionate fee.

Free images
However there are some places where you can get completely copyright free images.

The British Library has made millions of old images available freely.

Wikipedia: Public domain image resources
This site lists sources of public domain images.