Free Downloads

Preparation Worksheet
This worksheet guides you through the steps in preparing for a presentation.

Your presentation checklist
Use this checklist to ensure you bring everything you need during your presentation.

Should you be talking – Checklist
Questions to ask yourself before you commit to giving a talk.

Feedback Form
If you need to give feedback on a talk or want to get feedback on your presentation use this form.

Room layouts
How a room is laid out influences how people will respond to your talk. This handout describes some alternatives.

The presenter’s survival kit
If you present regularly you’ll know the experience. You turn up at the venue but there are no markers. Or worse, there are markers but they don’t work because they’ve run dry. Or you’ve forgotten your watch and the room doesn’t have a clock. Or worse it does have a clock but it doesn’t work because nobody has changed the batteries. As a result of many experiences like this I now carry a presenter’s survival kit. This handout describes what’s in it.