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Speaker’s notes

Most speakers at some point will lose their train of thought or get stuck for words. It happens to me regularly. This isn’t a sign of memory loss or early senility. It’s just that when you have a lot on … Continue reading

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The presenter’s survival kit

If you present regularly you’ll know the experience. You turn up at the venue but there are no markers. Or worse, there are markers but they don’t work because they’ve run dry. Or you’ve forgotten your watch and the room … Continue reading

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Managing slip-ups

Even the very best and most prepared speakers will make mistakes. You will make mistakes. I make slip-ups. It happens. For example you might: forget a word mispronounce a word find a spelling mistake on your PowerPoint miss out a … Continue reading

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Moments of terror!

Most of us have been through it. Those moments before you are called up to the lectern to speak. It’s too late to run away or call in sick. You’re trapped. You curse yourself for the decision to put in … Continue reading

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